Yellowstone – S3 E9: Meaner Than Evil

Colby and Teeter survive the attack, but Teeter is badly injured. Rip and Lloyd grab Walker from the bar. Jamie confronts his past. Rip approaches Kayce about why Walker is still alive. Kayce replies, “You’ll never meet a man who’s killed more men than me but I ain’t never murdered one. I never will.” Kaycee offers Walker his job back.

Wade Morrow and his son meet up with Roark and its revealed they work for Roark. Roark tells them, “Keep poking him until that son of a bitch does something he can’t take back.”

Colby and Teeter make it back to the ranch and tell Kaycee and Rip what happened while getting medical help for Teeter. John realizes that Wade Morrow is trying to antagonize the Dutton’s to fight. John wants to come up with a plan to get Morrow. “Then you take that trash to the f**king train station,” says John.

Jamie researches details about his birth father. Willa confronts Beth, telling her that her company now controls Schwartz & Meyer. Willa offers Beth and job, and Beth responds, “When all this is over, I’m going to hang your diploma above my toilet in my guest house. You have my word.”

Jamie confronts his birth father about why he killed his mother. Garrett tells Jamie that his mother was prostituing for drugs and he killed her in a rage. Jamie still seeks to know his birth father.

Wade Morrow and his son try to attack Walker on the ranch, but they run into a trap with Rip and the wranglers. Wade’s son fall off his horse and is killed. Rip strings up Wade and finds out that Roark paid them to attack the ranch. Walker is forced to cut the Yellowstone brand off Wade, and then they kill him. Lloyd and Walker take the bodies to the train station.

Back at the ranch, Colby and Teeter are branded.

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