Lee Dutton

Lee Dutton is a ranch hand of the Yellowstone Ranch and the oldest son of ranch owner John Dutton and his wife Evelyn Dutton.

As the oldest Dutton son, Lee managed the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and was expected to take over the ranch from John. Lee was also a Montana Livestock Association Agent.


During Season 1’s Daybreak, Lee and several of the ranch hands were retrieving the stolen cattle from the Broken Rock Indians. Lee led the Yellowstone men onto the reservation and began turning the cattle back to the ranch. Kayce, Lee’s brother was trying to help keep the cattle on the Reservation. John noticed him and called off the operation, ordering his men to retreat.

As Lee began to ride off he was shot by Robert Long. Long walked over to Lee and was going to shoot him a second time, but Kayce knocked him down. Long then tried to shoot Kayce, but Kayce shot and killed his brother-in-law. A few days later Lee was buried at the family gravesite. Lee’s body was later dug up and cremated to avoid an autopsy that could point to Kayce as Long’s killer.


Lee Dutton is played by Dave Annable during Season 1. Kip Denton plays a young version of Lee during flashbacks.

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